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Providing Education for the Best Protection

We train to obtain; maintain professional security skills & abilities

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We Protect What Matters the Most. You.


Firearms Training

We provide 8hr, 40hr and HQL training.

Maryland Qualification

We ensure you meet all Maryland Qualifications to get you certified.

Extensive GSA Courses

We provide an in-depth 64 hour GSA course and a 40 hour SGIM Refresher Course

American Red Cross Courses

Certified First Aid, CPR, and AED Courses taught by Certified American Red Cross Instructors.

Quality MDTS and MEB Training

We give you the tools you need to properly use necessary security weapons such as handcuffs and batons to provide protection for the good people who need it.

Firearms Training

We understand the importance of protecting people in need of security and thats why we provide extensive 8, 16 and 40 hour Firearm Courses to educate our security officers to do the job right and give you peace of mind.
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